Austin Lymphatic Associates

Hi, I'm Ashley.  I consider it an honor and privilege to provide the work I have been led to do.   My love of science and my passion for helping and caring for others blend beautifully into the lymphatic, oncology and therapeutic bodywork modalities I offer in my sessions.  

I graduated from massage school in 2003 and what was once considered a hobby for me, has now evolved into a way of life and a professional career.  There is always more to learn and new and wonderful ways to help you, my client.  The education is never ending!

Being able to trust your therapist, knowing that they will keep you safe, provide a caring and comforting environment and curate an effective treatment is of the upmost importance to me.  Oftentimes, our clients have never received bodywork and are now recovering from surgery or a major illness.  This is a time when you need a knowledgeable, experienced therapist. There are a lot of unknowns when picking a provider and it is important as your therapist that I be sensitive and aware if those feelings and experiences.  

It is my hope that you receive treatments that make you feel better than when you first came in; regardless if this is your first time receiving bodywork or you are a seasoned pro.  It is my intention to bring presence and awareness into each one of our sessions, and to truly listen to you and your body.

In practicing massage therapy, I continue my education and strive to stay current on the most recent findings and research about how to effectively provide care for you.  I attend various industry conferences, participate and volunteer in several associations as well as curate local education in Austin for myself and groups of massage therapists looking to learn more than just the minimum that is expected from us.

Every body is different, every condition, surgery or trauma holds different space in the body from person to person.  All my sessions are customized based on you and your individualized needs.  Our time together can include therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage, movement, cupping, and various modifications for different conditions and/or diseases; whatever makes you the most relaxed and comfortable.  I welcome everyone,  and look forward to working with as many different types and conditions as possible so I can continue to support my community through massage.

When I'm not massaging, I love going to comedy clubs, attending water aerobics in the morning, walking the trails in this beautiful city, watching movies, listening to music and hanging out with my husband and our Shar-pei!!

We, at Austin Lymphatic Associates, are a group of dedicated lymphatic practitioners with hands on specific training in post operative care.  Through years of dedicated study and thousands of hands on cases, we have developed our very own integrative lymphatic therapy.  This is specifically designed to help people recovering from plastic surgery, dental procedures, and those suffering from ailments associated with the lymphatic system, such as lymphedema and auto immune conditions.

We have taken every effort to ensure we have the most up to date trainings in these specific fields.  It is our number one priority to ensure that you have a smooth recovery from surgery or injury.  Furthermore, we understand that people going through a health crisis, such as a lymphedema flair up, can't afford to be put on a wait list. We work tirelessly to make sure you get the care you need, when you need it.

Lymphatic therapy is our specialty and helping people recover quickly is our passion.  With all this said, what truly sets us apart, is our deep commitment to our clients and the quality of care we provide.  We truly appreciate the opportunity to help you through your healing journey, and it shows.  We have all had major health challenges ourselves, and we understand how worrisome it can be to go see a new practitioner, or try a new type of treatment.  We want to assure you that we are here to listen to you, your body, and to make sure you get the best care possible.  

Dr. Courtney Rolnick PT, DPT, CMLDT

Hi I'm Annie.  I am a strong believer that by connecting with ourselves and implementing the power of therapeutic touch, we can help others achieve their optimal health and best quality of life.  I feel so lucky to be able to say that I love what I do, as cliche as it may sound.  As we all well know, when you do what you love to do every day, it does not feel like work, but instead a blessing.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working in various settings with patients from all walks of life, at various stages in their diagnoses--whether acute and/or chronic.   During my  first year as an Occupational Therapist, I worked in a military town with soldiers who were recovering from physical trauma, their family members who were fighting cancer, and veterans with chronic venous issues--all of  whom  were dealing with the presentation of a dysfunctional or damaged lymphatic system.  I became aware of the immense need for interventions on the lymphatic system to best help my patients.  This was the catalysts to sparking my passion in practicing effective interventions using lymphatic drainage.   Now, as a certified Lymphedema and Oncology Rehab Therapist, I am continuously amazed by the power of utilizing the lymphatic system to influence various facets of healing and rehabilitation. I continue to discover new applications, new interventions, and new techniques as they apply to the lymphatic system and the newfound wisdom never seizes to amaze me.  I am a strong advocate of tapping into this, often under-utilized and sometimes ignored, aspect of our bodies’ system for prevention, healing, and/or physical rehabilitation.  

I genuinely enjoy the work that I do because it is an ever-changing arena, always bringing new insights to embody and implement. The human interactions that I have on a daily basis and the conversations with the diverse patient population helps to broaden and brighten my perspective of the world, while also allowing me to feel connected.  Although one of my dreams in life is to have the opportunity to travel the world and enjoy the experience of becoming immersed in other cultures, I’m in no rush because my work is truly fulfilling.  I love that I get to continue to  learn from my colleagues and my patients on a daily basis.

Ashley's Life Goals:  Take a trip to Italy, hot air ballooning, take graphic design courses, learn how to garden (turn my brown tumb green!!)

Jessica's Life Goals:  White water raft the Grand Canyon, Kiteboard the Hawaiian Islands, Salsa dance in Cuba, and become computer capable.  

Hi, I'm Jessica.  Body work is my obsession.  I grew up here in Austin as a state champion gymnast and was constantly massaging my neck and ankles to keep me in the gym. I learned very quickly how to fix myself, and knew I wanted to apply these techniques to other peoples lives.   I always knew I wanted to help people through the magnificent power of touch. 

While attending massage school, I became completely fascinated with the lymphatic system and started my training right away. I had found my niche!   I was fortunate enough to get a wonderful job straight out of school doing lymphatic drainage on plastic surgery patients in my home community of Westlake Hills.  There, I was able to get a ton of hands-on experience, but longed to expand my practice to work with oncology patients as well.   As a result, I ended up taking nearly every continuing education course I could,  to have as many tools at my fingertips as possible. 

Some of my favorite trainings have been in both Vodder and Chikly lymphatic drainage techniques.  Also,  abdominal visceral massage,  Ashiatsu barefoot bar therapy, cupping for post surgical patients, facial cupping, breast reconstruction techniques, oncology massage with Tracy Walton, dermoneuromodulation (my latest obsession), and complete decongestive therapy for lymphedema. 

With all these tools under my belt and through years of figuring out what works and what doesn't, I've developed my own integrative lymphatic therapy  that we all use at Austin Lymphatic. Pulling from all of these seemingly different modalities, I realized that all of these techniques can be used to stimulate the lymphatic system, and should be! As a result, we are able to get more done and see faster results in fewer sessions.  

​I have been incredibly fortunate in this line of work and know that I have found my true path.  Each session is it's own journey and with each individual I approach things differently and with whatever tools are best for the job.  No two sessions are the same,  and I continue to learn something new every day.  It is very rewarding and so much fun to watch people as they progress through the healing stages, and I love getting to know the individuals I work with.  Lymphedema treatments are particularly impressive because you can physically see the difference within the hour.   People often say they can tell how much I love my job.  I always have a smile on my face - ask anyone:) 

In my free time, you can find me running around the hike and bike trail with my dog or catching some live music.  If I'm not doing one of those two things, I'm probably eating tacos!

Hi, I'm Courtney.  I'm extremely passionate about my work and know that I have found my true calling in life.  My patients know that I am 100% focused on our session and that my goal is to get you back to doing what you love and feeling your best.

My first love was dance.  I received my Bachelors of Science in Dance from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2006.  I taught dance for 10 years focusing on ballet technique, pointe work, and dancing in a local West African dance company.  Being a dancer my whole life, I was constantly injured and never took time to heal.  If I had only known then what I do today.  Now, as a doctor of physical therapy, I have learned that the body has an amazing capacity to heal if you treat it with kindness and compassion.  

Due to these constant injuries, I knew I needed a big change or my body would give out on me.  This lead me to Texas State University where I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. 

Throughout my career as a Physical Therapist, it became clear to me that there was an aspect missing in my practice.  I would often see patients with swelling, systemic inflammation, or a heightened nervous system that were not progressing as expected.  I wanted to get to the root cause of these issues.  Getting certified in manual lymphatic drainage has been a wonderful tool for theses patients.  It has given me an invaluable method in helping those with chronic conditions along with my patients recovering from surgeries of all sorts.  I'm constantly amazed at how well lymphatic therapy works, and wish I had implemented this into my practice earlier.  It has been wonderful to incorporate lymph work into my physical therapy practice, in addition to opening my practice to patients with specific lymphatic needs.

At Austin Lymphatic, my focus is purely on helping people recovering from surgery, and supporting  those with lymphatic or autoimmune conditions.  I absolutely love seeing the results of this work and watching people transform their bodies and regain their physical strength.  My patients say they appreciate how supportive and caring I am, and that it's obvious how much I love my work.

In my personal life, I enjoy live music on a weekly basis and I am an avid thrift store fashionista!

Courtney's Life Goals:  Travel more, mostly to third world countries doing health care work to give back.  Conquer my fear of heights so I can hike in a wider variety of places.  Own an RV, and travel the US in the summers.  

Annie Choi OTR/L, CLT - Certified Lymphedema & Oncology Rehab Therapist

Ashley Haitt  LMT,  CMLDT

Annie's Life Goals:  Work with hospice/palliative care patients, own a restaurant/food related business, live by the beach, travel, eat, and experience MORE.

Jessica Johnson  LMT, CMLDT, LDT