We specialize in working with patients recovering from plastic surgery and are very familiar with the stages of this specific healing process.  From lipo to reconstruction, this gentle, painless technique is particularly helpful for reducing pain, swelling, and stimulating tissue regeneration, putting you on the road to a quicker recovery with optimal results. You will leave our office feeling looser and seeing immediate results.  Some of Austin's best plastic surgeons refer their patients to us.


By removing the downward compression that is part of a typical massage, massage cups are used to soften tissue and increase circulation to an area.  This gentle suction (no marks)  allows for a rapid change in pressure over a small area of the body creating space for greater fluid movement.   We can actually pull stagnate fluid out of an area with these cups, greatly decreasing healing time.  Due to this exponential benefit, we incorporate cups in most of our sessions with great results.    

The lymphatic system is perhaps the most underrated aspect of our anatomy.  It is the body's filtration system, responsible for cleaning our  tissues of harmful pathogens and waste products.  Poorly functioning lymphatic systems are associated with chronic illness, swelling and  inflammation.  Find out how we can help you through this luxurious and very effective massage technique.       

Austin Lymphatic 


The lymph system acts as the transportation mechanisim for the body's healing and immunological processes.  Many clinical studies show that supporting this system through manual lymphatic drainage results in decreased pain, inflammation, and helps relieve those suffering from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease.    

Most commonly associated with the removal or radiation of lymph nodes during cancer treatment, lymphedema is uncomfortable and can be harmful if left untreated. 

With proper care, lymphedema can effectively be managed or  prevented.  

Experienced in lymphedema care, oncology massage, and breast reconstruction techniques, we offer support through every phase of cancer care. Please call us to set up an appointment for this treatment so we can discuss your case history and find the appropriate treatment for your specific needs.